Friday, December 15, 2017

Mistress Katja Minx Fetish Dominatrix Catwoman Portland

title pic Goodnight Bettie

Posted by sadomasokitten on December 11, 2008

Thanks for everything… Katja Minx

title pic Boudoir du BurLez

Posted by sadomasokitten on May 24, 2006

There is going to be a great event in town next week – my great friend Buck Angel, The Man with a Pussy, will be performing at Boudoir du BurLez! It’s 10PM – 2AM at The Palms, 8572 Santa Monica Blvd, LA 90069. For more information, see the website Or send an email to: [...]

title pic Punxsutawney Phil

Posted by sadomasokitten on February 2, 2006

The only groundhog worth listening to, Punxsutawney Phil, says 6 more weeks of winter. My money is always on Phil – he’s quite the stylish rodent. I like to watch the guy in the fabulous hat drag Phil’s ass out of his hole each February 2nd and ask the cranky groundhog what he thinks about [...]

title pic Hijacked

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 11, 2006

Yes folks, yesterday I almost had a heart attack. When I tried to login to my blogger account to update my blog I discovered that I couldn’t log in. Hm, odd. So I tried to check out my blog. And some obnoxious asshole had replaced my blog with something called The Lost Blog – a [...]

title pic Year of the Dog

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 4, 2006

2006 already, time does fly. I’ve decided to start making some changes for this Year of the Dog, ferreting out the dust bunnies in my website and my blog. Of course this means that I actually have to carve out some time and learn how to use some new software… and put more work into [...]