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Mistress Katja Minx Fetish Dominatrix Catwoman Portland

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Posted by Katja Minx on April 25, 2005

Pinup Smoke Break 

title pic Mr. Rugman

Posted by Katja Minx on April 18, 2005

Thought I’d pass this along to any/all interested parties — he’s a swell guy and an AWESOME addition to any fetish-related event. Katja Minx Human Welcome Mat for S&M/Fetish Parties and events. Hello,My name is Arthur, I am know on the Internet and the NYC Fetish/S&Mscene as MrRugman and I have had a message [...]

title pic Like Reading Porn Blogs?

Posted by Katja Minx on April 15, 2005

Then check out my friends great sex blog: ! Katja Minx

title pic Angel Puss Rescue (no-kill cat shelter in Eagle Rock) – closing April 30

Posted by Katja Minx on April 12, 2005

Dear friends! In case you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat or kitten: For the past 6 years, Angel Puss of Eagle Rock, a nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter run by volunteers has operated right in the heart of Eagle Rock. Because of Angel Puss of Eagle Rock, hundreds of homeless cats and kittens [...]

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Posted by Katja Minx on April 6, 2005

Back in the Saddle, Again…. 

title pic Modelling

Posted by Katja Minx on

I added myself to one of those big modelling sites yesterday, just because I enjoy creating fetish art and it would be fun to get back into it a bit, maybe work with some professional photographers that I hadn’t had the oppurrtunity to work with before, or do some fun projects. I knew I would [...]

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Posted by Katja Minx on April 4, 2005

A Truly Superior Mistress 

title pic Purrsonally

Posted by Katja Minx on

I’m really excited about this now…. weeding through the applications to find some slaves who will provide endless hours of amusement for us all. Keep sending in your messages, I read them all purrsonally and will be responding to all this week. Katja Minx

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Posted by Katja Minx on April 1, 2005

Katja Minx – Fetish Vixen 

title pic A Lot of Takers….

Posted by Katja Minx on

Wow, I’m impressed…. So many of you are coming forth just *itching* to be debased, humiliated, tied up, feminized, and degraded (and that’s just so far *wink*) by me for my website. I may just have to make an entirely new site just for this venture…. Keep ‘em coming boys, I’m always looking for eager [...]