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Mistress Katja Minx Fetish Dominatrix Catwoman Portland

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Posted by Katja Minx on May 31, 2005


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Here’s a fun link from my past: It was from a purrformance from 1997 (!) in NYC… Enjoy – Katja Minx

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Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly… 

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Posted by Katja Minx on May 30, 2005

… of this blog can now be found here: Advertise for a day, week, month, or hell, even a lifetime (arrangements for your mortal soul may be made separately). Katja Minx www.katja-minx

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Posted by Katja Minx on May 29, 2005

Fetish Geisha

title pic Have you seen me somewhere?

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Spotted me somewhere on the internet in all my fetish finery? Spanking an errant schoolboy? Providing proper discipline for naughty slaves? Showing off my enormous fetish shoe, heel and boot collection? Parading around in full leather, latex, or corsets? Using my vast collection of whips, crops, floggers, cbt or other torture toys? Then let me [...]

title pic Workin’ my fingers to the bone…

Posted by Katja Minx on May 28, 2005

Workin’ my fingers to the bone… Originally uploaded by Katja Minx.

title pic What a huge pain in the ass….

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Okay kitties, I know that it had been a tremendously long period of time between updates on my site, but hey, until the millions start flowing into my PO Box (which they haven’t recently, don’t you love me?) I’m not able to devote days to updating and changing things around. That said, I do have [...]

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Send any requests to me directly for consideration of links or link trades: Preference given to blogs of an adult nature which catch my fancy or cover topics that interest me – bdsm, leather, latex, catwoman, boots, heels, whips or whipping, fetishes – and the like. Katja Minx