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Posted by Katja Minx on June 30, 2005

No technology required… knitting experience, however, is helpful 

title pic Technology Rant

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Grrr…. As much as I adore technology, almost to the point of geekdom, is as much as I hate it when it doesn’t work properly. Today, as I’ve tried for the umpteenth time now to get it to work on both a PC and a Mac, my little Dazzle card reader has let me down. [...]

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Posted by Katja Minx on June 29, 2005

Lady of Leather 

title pic Contestants for SoCal Leather Woman Contest

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~*~ Southern California LeatherWoman ~*~ A Titleholder Contest FOR the Community, CHOSEN by the Community, CONNECTING the Community SoCal Leather Productions proudly announces the first annual Southern California LeatherWoman competition! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 6! The evening’s events will kick off with a meet and greet at 5 p.m. The competition begins [...]

title pic Hmm… Blogroll is up….

Posted by Katja Minx on

Literally as soon as I posted the message about it being down it came back up (damn, I’m powerful)… but I still can’t access their main site. So we shall see. What I’m watching in the meantime (and oldie but one that bears repeating): Katja Minx

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Thinking feather-y thoughts about working websites…  

title pic Looks like Blogrolling is down…

Posted by Katja Minx on

Just as I was checking in to take a look at my blog, it looks like Blogrolling (, the folks that I use to keep track of all of my links, has gone down. I tried to contact them yesterday because I couldn’t add any new links – I assume there is a larger problem. [...]

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An example of how to smoke seductively… 

title pic Smoking… a filthy habit

Posted by Katja Minx on

I’d probably be accused of having slightly more filthy habits than most people – yes I already know that and it’s most likely true – but smoking is definitely one of the filthier ones (that I’m willing to talk about in a public forum). While I’m not much of a smoker these days, I’ve made [...]

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Posted by Katja Minx on June 28, 2005

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