Friday, December 15, 2017

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title pic Happy Birthday to Me….

Posted by Katja Minx on October 31, 2005

Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday dear me…… Happy birthday to me. This is how I celebrated last years birthday – well, there were candles and party hats… Katja Minx It’s never too late to show your devotion – my Amazon gift list is HERE Or see my Most Wanted List on my purrsonal [...]

title pic Erection Photos

Posted by Katja Minx on October 28, 2005

Ok, so I’ve just had a hilarious time cruising around this site: Erection Photos Really priceless is the “motion gallery” – especially for anyone whose job description does not include seeing a wide array of penises on a daily basis… Katja Minx The birthday countdown continues – show the love! My *updated* wish [...]

title pic My Birthday is rapidly approaching…

Posted by Katja Minx on

On October 31st – And I don’t have any firm plans yet! Some birthday beatings – from me to my purrsonal slaves – are of course in order. But other than that, I’m just not sure this year… For the last few years my birthdays have been relatively quiet. I had been ill so that’s [...]

title pic Interview with the….. Baby Jesus?

Posted by Katja Minx on October 24, 2005

How odd is this? Some people “find God” and I can kind of see it, and then there are others who seem so far in the opposite direction that you think it would never happen. Anne Rice has announced that she has now found God and will only be writing books for the Lord now. [...]

title pic Important Petition – Don’t Abandon Pets in Disasters

Posted by Katja Minx on October 21, 2005

This is a really important petition for everyone to sign… Tell Congress – while they might be actually thinking about coming up with plans for dealing with natural disasters – to not forget about including provisions for not abandoning pets in disasters!!! The PETS Act will require federal evacuation plans to protect pets, and it’s [...]

title pic The Feline Tarot

Posted by Katja Minx on October 19, 2005

I’m actually quite a good reader of tarot cards, having spent a considerable portion of my life until this point entranced by the occult. I’m a bit rusty at not having done readings on a regular basis for awhile, but it’s kind of like riding a bicycle… The purrticular day that these pictures were taken [...]

title pic And the Boots Came Back….

Posted by Katja Minx on October 18, 2005

Just sold another pair of fetish boots – the ones pictured above. Quite nice really, in that they were very stable (chunky heels, big platforms), but essentially a little on the cheap “stripper” side. They were indeed nice for some thudding kinds of trampling, not to mention that with 7″ heels they made me quite [...]

title pic Wet Kitty

Posted by Katja Minx on October 17, 2005

Bah, it’s raining here today – torrential sheets of warm water, with some thunder thrown in for punctuation. I normally love the rain but not here in Los Angeles – where it stays warm and humid during it all. No cooling effect, no great clean smell afterwards. Depressingly dark (dark is also usually good for [...]

title pic Catwoman Goes to the Dogs

Posted by Katja Minx on October 14, 2005

Well, dog, anyway. Where have I been all week, you ask? I’ve adopted a new little addition. I’m a cat purrson through and through. I love all animals, but cats are my special babies. But this week I got myself a sweet little puppy to play with my kitties. He’s an Airedale Terrier. He’s 2 [...]

title pic Being Afraid of BDSM

Posted by Katja Minx on October 10, 2005

I am constantly amazed at how incredibly afraid everyone in the USA is about BDSM. Those of us who are involved in the scene don’t think anything of it, that it’s all consensual and therefore ok. Unfortunately with the current regime, this will protect no one. There is no such thing as a legally-condoned consensual [...]