Friday, December 15, 2017

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title pic Happy Fucking New Year

Posted by sadomasokitten on December 31, 2005

As promised… Awhile back I had mentioned that I drove past my old dungeon Kismet in Pasadena, and it had been turned into a discount store. Depressing. Well today while mewsing on the past year I found myself near Old Town and thought I’d swing by to see what had become of the building. When [...]

title pic Barkback Mountin’

Posted by Katja Minx on December 25, 2005

It seems I can never get away from the “adult” world, even on Christmas day. My pup chose this day, his first Christmas, in front of a large party full of people, to do his first major hump. He found a friend’s dog, Sneaky (an older neutered male) and began humping away. Even when Sneaky [...]

title pic My Elf Name… Apparently

Posted by Katja Minx on December 24, 2005

Your Elf Name Is… Spicy Tinsel Toes What’s Your Elf Name?

title pic Gearing up for the Holidays, Dominatrix-Style

Posted by Katja Minx on December 22, 2005

I’m not really a jolly Christmas type. Don’t get me wrong – In my time, I’ve violated many slaves in amusing Christmas manners and with many seemingly innocent Christmas items. But this year for some reason I’m really not in the mood. Even the little silver tree that twinkles on my desk isn’t doing it. [...]

title pic Thanks Are in Order…

Posted by Katja Minx on December 15, 2005

Yesterday had seemed like a normal ho-hum kind of day until the postman arrived. I think I’ve confessed to this before, but I absolutely love to receive packages. It *almost* doesn’t even matter what’s in them, just so I receive a package and get to rip it open. Bliss. Recently I’ve been sending out more [...]

title pic Would Someone Please Give This Man a Blowjob?

Posted by Katja Minx on December 12, 2005

OK, this is my new favorite bumper sticker: If I actually put bumper stickers on my car this would be the one. But alas I do not (only a tribal cat, and she’s on my back windshield). Katja Minx

title pic Dog & Cat Adoption

Posted by Katja Minx on December 9, 2005

Looking for someone to love this holiday season? Hurricane Katrina Super Adoption December 11th 2005 Sunday, 11 am – 4 pm Event hosted by: Rescue for Ruffugees & New Leash on Life Santa Monica Airport Barker Hangar 3021 Airport Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405 Rescued animals from Louisiana and Los Angeles 30+ rescue [...]

title pic Vitriol and Bile

Posted by Katja Minx on December 8, 2005

Another year is rapidly coming to a close, which always seems to bring out the crazies. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to operate like clockwork every single year. December hits, the nutty emails start. Not that I’ve ever minded unusual fetishistic requests, nor turned away gifts you understand. But sometimes the [...]

title pic Another Pimp Name Generator

Posted by Katja Minx on December 7, 2005

What’s YOUR Pimp Name? Mine is: Fine Ass Minx Ice Katja Minx

title pic It’s Just Wrong – And Fruity

Posted by Katja Minx on December 5, 2005

Yet another random sex-related site I’ve stumbled across today (yes, I’m a bit bored at the computer, why do you ask?). Watermelon Guy It’s really classy – don’t forget to read all of the accompanying text for the full effect. Katja Minx