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title pic Dominatrix Acquitted

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 30, 2006

You can read the article here OK, I’m not sure how I feel about this. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how I feel about women in the dominatrix business who have little to no regard for professionalism or the safety of their clients while in their parlours. Basically if someone is hurt [...]

title pic Philosophy

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 28, 2006

As quoted from the inimitable Katherine Hepburn: “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”. Katja Minx

title pic Dear Mistress Minx: The Purrformer

Posted by sadomasokitten on

(photo from Dear Mistress Minx, I think I read somewhere that you were part of the band Sleep Chamber? I’ve heard of them, but I don’t have any of their music or anything. I’ve seen pictures of their shows and they seemed pretty crazy but I can’t figure out which one of them was [...]

title pic Jury Deliberates Dominatrix’s Fate

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 27, 2006

The most recent article is here. It’s in the jury’s hands now. This is the ongoing case of Mistress Lauren M. in Massachusetts – you remember her, the one who instead of sanely calling the police when her client who was in bondage had a heart attack, instead waited for him to die, cut up [...]

title pic Dear Dominatrix

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 25, 2006

Dear Mistress Minx, I’ve fantasized about being dominated all of my life, but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a Domina or had a girlfriend who was into it. The few times that I tried to get a girlfriend to dominate me or to wear leather clothes, it was always a disaster. I spent [...]

title pic Dear Mistress Minx…

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 24, 2006

I’ve thought about adding a sort of “Dear Abby”-type feature to my blog… Basically I would answer questions (and provide needed guidance) posed to me via email, post pictures from the ask-ees if supplied, etc. So I’m soliciting those deep, dark questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Dominatrix. The ones you were always too [...]

title pic Slaves and Anal Violations, Part Deux

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 23, 2006

For the incredibly annoying slave who keeps writing over and over and over… yes, I did a post awhile back entitled “Preparing the Slave for Anal Violations”. No I don’t know why you cannot seem to locate it, it was easy enough for me to find…. Ah, then I remember. You’re a slave thinking with [...]

title pic The Mistress in Action – Real BDSM Scenes

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 16, 2006

More places to see me “in action”: Beauty Is Pain This is my very favorite series – Beauty is Pain follows the exploits of slave wildboots – fans of very exotic boots and heels will love this one (especially the extended lacing of the slave into crotch high black leather ballet boots) – and [...]

title pic Huge Giant Pain in the Ass

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 13, 2006

Ok, this replacing my entire sidebar thing is really getting on my nerves. Grunt work was never my specialty, and it annoys me to no end to have to replace everything I worked so hard to get just purrfect for so long. Some things are lost for good, but most just mean that I have [...]

title pic Hijacked

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 11, 2006

Yes folks, yesterday I almost had a heart attack. When I tried to login to my blogger account to update my blog I discovered that I couldn’t log in. Hm, odd. So I tried to check out my blog. And some obnoxious asshole had replaced my blog with something called The Lost Blog – a [...]