Friday, December 15, 2017

Mistress Katja Minx Fetish Dominatrix Catwoman Portland

title pic Katja Minx on XPeeps

Posted by sadomasokitten on April 23, 2006

Another site for “friends”… XPeeps is the adult-oriented version of MySpace – for both industry people and those who just love porn. Damn, but I’m getting very “friend”ly lately… Katja Minx

title pic Katja Minx on MySpace

Posted by sadomasokitten on April 22, 2006

I’ve resisted joining MySpace for a long time… the few times that I’ve used it I actually got really annoyed because I didn’t find it that easy to use, or that easy to really find people that I wanted to be my “friends”. Maybe it’s just that I don’t play well with others. Anyway, I’ve [...]

title pic Looking for Me?

Posted by sadomasokitten on April 2, 2006

I’ve finally done it.  Something I’ve been threatening to do for some time, and which took me forever and a day to finish. And for a change, it’s something you’ll love. I’ve just added an entire special section for you to purruse.  Now… look to the right of where you’re reading right now toward the [...]