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title pic Curiosity Kicks the Kitty

Posted by sadomasokitten on December 19, 2006


When last we saw our heroine, Katja Minx, she was embroiled in a bit of a pickle… left hanging in a way that she really doesn’t enjoy, she had to reschedule 3 Buck Angel porno shoots in a single bound – 3 bangs in 2 days – and was a bit cranky.

Luckily a hero entered the picture – a good friend of hers who just happens to own one of the oldest continually-operating movie studios in all of Los Angeles – and he offered her the use of the studio to make her “funny movies”. Hoorah! All was saved!

Or was it…

I will confess to a pesky curiosity that can be at times, well, obnoxious. Today’s shoot would be groundbreaking, exploring brand new, never shod upon sexual territory – Buck Angel, the female to male transsexual (the Man with a Pussy as it were) would be fucking Autumn, a post-op male to female transsexual.

A mercifully brief aside here – after meeting and knowing many transsexuals I’ve developed a deep compassion for them as I could never truly in my heart understand how terrible it must be to be born the wrong gender, or with the wrong equipment. The surgery required to make all of the changes either necessary or desired are brutal, expensive, and do not always produce the desired results. I have purrsonally seen more of the male to female gender reassignment and it’s usually not pretty. Neither for that matter is the floppy sausage that passes for female to male gender reassignment much of the time. No orgasm and a floppy sausage? Doesn’t sound like much of a meal to me.

Back onto the yellow brick road… while I was busily setting up the set, pulling out the necessary sex toys and yes finding the remaining chocolate, our talent arrived. Rather than wasting time chit chatting, I thought that bringing her back to the dressing room and choosing outfits might be a better way for me to quickly see the new plumbing – and then hopefully, quench my curiosity so that I might be able to focus back on the lighting.

Luckily she wasn’t shy and quickly an outfit was chosen of tight corset, suspenders and stockings. Then it was time for her to change. Yes, so that I might accurately report all that I see I sat down squarely on the floor ready to help with the adjustment and attachment of the garter belt to the stocking top so that I might get a better look.

And you know, apparently there are some much better doctors out there than there have been in the past (ok, just from my limited viewings but as I think I see more than the general public you’ll just have to go with me on this). Her pussy had a shape and folds just like the standard female equipment and I was surprised to learn that she could still experience pleasure as well as orgasm. I asked her about toys – was it possible for her to use something, and just exactly how large are we talking here? We purrused the table full of dildos and her eyes lit up at the Manrammer.

I had brought the Manrammer for explicitly this purpose hoping that she could take it. This was considered the “medium” size but purrhaps medium on the planet Jupiter can have a different connotation than here on earth for one might say that this was sized for purrhaps a medium-sized elephant vagina, all black with a nice handle for, well, ramming.

She picked it up enthusiastically, lubed it up, and slid it in. No problemo amigo! So we all ambled over to the table set up to look kind of industrial and dirty, and Buck and Autumn got right to fucking. As I’m standing behind the camera hoping that I’ve remembered to turn the sound on (don’t ask) they quickly move from chatty interview to rough manhandling and manramming, until much orgasming is had by all. I come in close to catch some shots from below of the manrammer doing it’s dirty work and then it’s eventual removal and pop as it slides out of its cozy cave. Our girl is still kind of worked up so I continue to film when all of a sudden I notice that it’s kind of raining – hey can you make it rain in here? – but the rain is coming from just above. Who knew that she could squirt? Who asked? And hey, you’re still filming right? Didya get it? Are there droplets all over the lens?

Well – not me, not me again, yup camera is still on, oh yeah I got it all right, and uh-huh, I’m not cleaning that.

And this is what is considered a successful day.

Basking in the afterglow (well we all had our own glow) I remembered that there were still two more scenes to try to schedule (two guys that we had never worked with before) so that I could not relax just yet. We bid farewell to my friend, thanking him profusely for the opportunity to use his studio space, only to throw ourselves into the abyss of uncertainty of where we would film next. We must film, but where? And how? And would there be any other challenges that we would have to meet, head on, clothes off, tackle out?

If it were anyone else in the world, you might have reason to wonder. But it’s me, so be sure that the fun continues…

Katja Minx