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title pic Will the Chocolate Last?

Posted by sadomasokitten on January 25, 2007

Mistress Katja Minx

An exciting question posited on this very blog some time ago…

This installment I’m certain shall not fail to satisfy, much as a large block of dark Belgian chocolate melts on the tongue and quiets both stomach and mind.

When we last left our heroine, the ever-practical Katja Minx, we were in a bit of a pickle caused by an oaf at the helm of a studio that we had been hoping to rent. More talent was coming and as the day turned into night it became imperative to have a Plan B: Make it up to us with a freebie day to use the studio. I’m sure the oaf had a new asshole ripped for him by his employer, but this was really the only way to make things right.

So we had several days to think, plot, and plan our final two scenes – to be completed on one day of filming. Always difficult when you’re trying to get something special out of one major talent (Buck Angel) but he’s a trooper. Basically we came up with the idea that if anyone shows up, we fuck ‘em (it was a looooong week) since we knew little to nothing about the performance track record of either guy who we’d scheduled.
Our first guy arrived in an odd manner for Los Angeles – on time. Another first for us – he’s Mexican. Buck had communicated briefly with him before the shoot and we knew that verbal communication might be a bit difficult. I don’t speak Spanish at all (despite living in Los Angeles where I really have absolutely no excuse for not knowing more than the words for food and how to count to ten) and even though Buck recently moved down to Mexico his Spanish is still a bit limited.

Certain words they just don’t teach you in the Berlitz books.

He was young, good looking, and well hung. Ready to speak the language of love (or more pointedly, lust). He was able to quickly get an erection with a little bit of Buck’s eager cocksucking. So far, so good. He and Buck move from position to position on a grubby black leather couch (hello 80s!) and all the while our latin lover is deep throating Buck. And when I say deep throating I really mean deep: at several times during the action, Buck had to push him away so that he could vomit spit. One of the times when not having any time for breakfast was a really, really good idea (see kids, you don’t really have to eat breakfast if you don’t want to).

Honestly as much as I’ve personally gagged many many past clients to the point of puking with my biggest dildos, I’d never seen such copious amounts of liquid spew from someone’s mouth during cocksucking. It wasn’t just forming a pool at his feet, it was a lake. And of course I managed to capture all of the magic moments on film – I’m good at things like that. I don’t naturally flinch or turn away just when things are getting nasty, I usually focus more intently on the subject (which makes me a pretty darned good pornographer).

As much as we tried to change up the action from deep throating to maybe some fucking, our hot tamale wasn’t having any of it. He was a machine! I could only sit back and laugh at Buck’s predicament – the show much go on – and he had to take even more throat fucking just so we could get the guy to cum and the scene to end. Since I spoke no Spanish I couldn’t communicate with the guy at all, and since Buck’s mouth was otherwise engaged, on and on and on he pounded. Finally he was ready to cum and managed a perfect pop shot on spit-covered Buck’s chest. Success!

Our next performer arrived – also on time – and I was beginning to question myself… everyone in LA is late, all the time, without exception. Usually to the point that I get a call on my cell phone when I am at the decided upon destination at the decided upon time and they’re just leaving their place, there might be some traffic, and do I want a coffee or something because they’re going to stop off on their way over?

So… another first (two in one day!) our next guy was an Asian boy. He’d done some porn before but seemed really young and inexperienced. No matter, he was ready to go. He had some Viagra (which seemed odd for someone so young to want, need, or use) and took one just before we were going to start.

The scene itself – pretty straightforward fucking scene. I was trying to get as many different angles as I could in a room that I’ve shot now waaaay too many times, with decor that could at best be described as cheap. For the kid, things seemed to be humming along just fine, he was able to maintain his erection and get through a fucking scene with Buck (which has tested the virility of many men – it’s amazing how many of them freak out and cannot cum because their minds are so blown at Buck’s body in person – hey, there was no false advertising he’s the Man With a Pussy). Pussy sucking – done. Fuck scene – done. Pop shot – done.

Sometimes we like to do a little interview at the end of a scene, especially with new performers. Just ask them a few questions on how it was, what it felt like to fuck Buck, etc. So the boy stands up next to Buck and I start taping. Buck is standing next to him, turns to him, and says, “So, how did it feel to fuck someone like me?” and the guy slowly lost consciousness, bent his knees, and fell to the ground. Passed out cold. In absolute slow motion. As if ON FUCKING CUE. Except that he really did pass out (again you’ll be happy to note, I kept on filming).

For anyone concerned, he was OK. I’m pretty sure the combination of filming, being nervous, not eating much before he arrived, and popping a Viagra caused his blood pressure to drop while he was on the bed, then he came, and then he stood up too quickly. Was it scary? Yeah a bit, but I’ve had many scarier moments in session over the years where a client didn’t disclose a medical condition or any prior pharmaceuticals they had ingested. Luckily he didn’t hit anything on his way down so there was no physical trauma there either. Ultimately, he had some cookies, rested for awhile and was fine.

To quote: “Just another purrfect day… I love LA” (tongue firmly planted so far in cheek that teeth are slowly grinding through it)…

Katja Minx