Friday, December 15, 2017

About Mistress Katja Minx


Born under the sign of Scorpio in the year of the Snake, Mistress Katja Minx began life as the strongest kitten in the litter, able to mesmerize and traumatize with one stroke of her claws for as long as she can remember. She began her exploration of the darkest and deepest waters of BDSM in the puritanical city of Boston, where she cut a deep swath and left its citizens reeling for many years. Even New York City could not hold the Tigress, and she escaped relatively unscathed even after stints as a House Mistress at many of its celebrated dungeons. Purrforming before thousands, both in the US and abroad, and posing for fetish publications large and small have given her a fierce notoriety only matched by her own real life. With age and experience has come wisdom, and after years of sharpening her claws on the denizens of cities all across the globe, she finds herself ensconced here in her own devilish dungeon, where she can be free to taunt, tempt, and torture the citizens of the City of Roses and beyond from a lair both devious and divine.